Mai Ni Main | Shah Hussain

Mai ne main kinon aakhaan,
Dard vichore da hall ni

O mother O mother, who do I tell,
this pain of separation

Dhuan dhukhay mairay murshid wala,
Jaan phoulaan taan laal ni

My Maste’rs fire smoulders,
If I poke, its red hot

Soolan mar dewani keeti,
Birhoun peya saday khayali

Driven mad with spikes,
Pain of separation fills my thoughts

Dukhan di roti, Soolaan da saalan,
Aahen da baalan baal

Bread of sadness, sauce of spikes,
Make a fire of laments

Jungle bailay phiraan
Dhoudaindi ajay na paayo lal

Wandered jungles and deserts,
But not found the ruby

Ranjhan Ranjhan phiraan dhoudaindi,
Ranjhan mairay nal

wander looking for Ranjhan Ranjhan,
But Ranjhan is with me

Kahay Hussain faqeer nimanaa,
Shoh milay taan theevan nihaal

Says Hussain the poor faqeer,
Meeting God would be ecstasy

Pathanay Khan:


Hamid Ali Bela:




Shazia Manzoor:




Atif Aslam:




Naeem Abbas Rufi:

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4 Responses

  1. Umar says:


    wah maza agaya men bata nhen sakta kitni khushi huwi mujhe lyrics dekh kar🙂

    Shukriya Boht boht shukriya

  2. Kinu says:

    Awesome song! Every singer has put a new side to it🙂
    Thanks for the lyrics.

  3. Sid says:

    Awesome translation of the lyrics.
    Always thought the song had some deep meaning now I know it..
    BeUtiFulLy sung By atif aslam specially!

  4. Raza says:

    Great Song by atif aslam.. and nice translation.

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