Kalam Hazrat Sultan Bahu – 1/10


Aap na talib hain kahen de,
Lokaan talib karde hoo.
Chavan khepan karde sepan,
Na Rab de qaihron dared hoo.
Ishq majazee tilkan bazee,
Pair aa valle dharde hoo.
Oh sharminde hosan Baahoo,
Andar roz hashae de hoo.

These false prophets Were never disciples themselves,
But they contrive to make disciples of others.
As an act of seeming benefaction,
But they swindle their disciples Of their money and belongings;
They fear not the wrath of God,
Crooked in their ways, they lose their footing.
In the slippery game of outward love,
Say Bahu: They will regret their doings on the day of judgement


Addhee laanat duneeaa taaeen,
Saaree duneeaa daaraan hoo.
Jain raah sahib kharch na keetee,
Lain ghazab deeaan maaraan hoo.
Peovaan kolon putt kohaava,
Bhatth duneeaa makkaaran hoo.
Tark jinhaan duneeaa theen keetee,
Laisan baagh bahaaraan hoo.

Accursed is life in this world;
Twice as accursed are they who are attached to it.
Those who have not dedicated their lives to God,
Shall suffer the unrelenting blows of destiny.
Abominable is this sly world –
It can even prompt a father to kill his own son.
Those who have renounced this world,
Will enjoy the delights of the garden That is eternally in bloom.


Azal abad noon sahee keetose,
Wekh tamaashe guzre hoo.
Chaudaan tobaq dile de andar,
Aatish laae hujre hoo.
Jinhaan haqq na haasil keetaa,
Doheen jahaaneed ujrhe hoo.
Aashiq gharq hoe wich wahadat,
Wekh tinhaan de mujre hoo.

I have, at last, grasped the beginning and the end:
I have seen the whole sectacle of past, present and future Pass before my eyes.
Within my heart are fourteen realms,
Chambers of light – ablaze With the profusion of God’s light.
Those who have not realized God will wander,
Homeless in this world, destitute in the next.
But watch the lovers dance with ecstasy,
As they merge into the oneness of God.


Akkheen surkh te mooheen zardee,
Har wallon dil aaheen hoo.
Muhaa muhaar khushboi waalaa,
Pahuntaa vanj kadaaeen hoo.
Ishq mushk na chhuppe raihnde,
Zaahir theen uthaaeen hoo.
Naam faqeer tinhaan daa Baahoo,
Jin laamakaanee jaaeen hoo.

Their eyes sleepless, their faces pale,
Lovers constantly sigh in grief.
What has become of these faces,
That once beamed with youth and vivacity?
Love is like musk that cannot stay hidden:
Its fragrance cannot but reveal its presence.
Only those who abide in realms beyond space,
Deserve to be called ‘faqir’, O Bahu.


Alif-aihad jad dittee wiskaalee,
Az khud hoiaa faanee hoo.
Qurb, wisaal, maqaam na manzil,
Na uth jism na jaanee hoo.
Na uth ishq muhabbat kaaee,
Na uth kaun makaanee hoo.
Aino-ain theeose Baahoo,
Sirr wahadat subhaanee hoo.

When the one Lord revealed himself to me,
I lost myself in him.
Now there is neither nearness nor union.
There is no longer a journey to undertake, No longer a destination to reach.
Love attachment, my body and soul,
And even the very limits of time and space Have all dropped from my consciousness.
My separate self has merged in the Whole:
In that, O Bahu, lies the secret of the unity that is God!


Alif alast suniaa dil mere,
Jind balaa kookendee hoo.
HUbb watan dee ghaalib hoee,
Hik pal saun na dendee hoo.
Qaihar pave is raazan duneeaa,
Haqq daa raah marendee hoo.
Aashiq mool qabool na Bahoo,
Zaaro zaar ruvendee hoo.

When, at the time of Creation,
God separated me from himself,
I heard him say: “Am I not your God?”
“Indeed you are,” cried my soul, reassured. Since then has my heart flowered.
With the inner urge to return Home,
Giving me not a moment of calm here on earth.
May doom strike this world!
It robs souls on their way to God.
The world has never accepted his lovers;
They are persecuted and left to cry in pain.


Alif-Allaah chambe dee bootee,
Murshid man wich laandaa hoo.
Jis gatt utte sohanaa raazee,
Oho gatt sikhaandaa hoo.
Hardam yaad rakhe har wele,
Sohanaa uthaandaa bahaandaa hoo.
Aap samajh samjhendaa Bahoo,
Aap aape ban jaandaa hoo.

My master has sown in my heart,
The jasmine of God’s Name.
He has taught me how to captivate,
The heart of my charming Beloved.
He keeps me in his thoughts eternally,
He always makes me do his will.
He himself grants me his wisdom, O Bahu,
He himself moulds me into his own real Self.


Alif-Allaah chambe dee bootee,
Murshid man wich laaee hoo.
Nafee asbaat daa paanee milia,
Har rage har jaaee hoo.
Andar bootee Mushk machaayaa,
Jaan phullan te aaee hoo.
Jeeve murshid kaamil Baahoo,
Jain eh bootee laaee hoo.

My Master(Spiritual Guide) has planted in my heart,
The jasmine of Allah’s Name.
Both my denial that the Creation is real And my embracing of God,
the only reality, Have nourished the seedling down to its core.
When the buds of mystery unfolded Into the blossoms of revelation,
My entire being was filled with God’s Fragrance.
May the perfect Master Who planted this jasmine in my heart,
Be ever blessed, O Bahu!


Allaah sahee keetose jis dam,
Chamkiaa ishq agohaan hoo.
Raat dihaan de taa tikhere,
Kare agohaan soohaan hoo.
Andae bhaaheen, andar baalan,
Andar de wich dhoohaan hoo.
Shaah rag theen Rabb nerhe laddhaa,
Ishq keetaa jad soohaan hoo.

The moment I realized the oneness of God,
the flame of his love shone within, to lead me on.
Constantly it burns in my heart with intense heat,
Revealing the mysteries along my path.
This fire of love burns inside me with no smoke,
Fueled by my intense longing for the Beloved.
Following the Royal Vein,* I found the Lord close by.
My love has brought me face to face with him.
(The Royal Vein or shah rag is the central current in the subtle body, starting from the eye center and leading up to the highest spiritual regions. It is located and followed by means of the spiritual practice taught by a perfect Master. The Hindus call it sushmana or sukhmana nadi. It is the Royal Highway to the court of the Lord. It is not to be confused with the sushmana naadi of the yogis, which runs up the spinal column).


Allaah parhion haafiz hoion,
Na giaa hijaabon pardaa hoo.
Parhh Parhh aalim faazil hoion,
Taalib hoion zar daa hoo.
Lakh hazaar kitaabaan parhiaan,
Zaalim nafs na mardaa hoo.
Baajh faqeeraan kise na mareya,
Eho chor andar daa hoo.

You have read the name of God over and over,
You have stored the holy Qur’an in your memory,
But this has still not unveiled the hidden mystery.
Instead, your learning and scholarship,
Have sharpened your greed for worldly things.
None of the countless books you’ve read in your life,
Has destroyed your brutal ego.
Indeed, none but the Saints can kill this inner thief,
For it ravages the very house in which it lives.


Andar hoo te baahir hoo,
Baahoo kith labheeve hoo.
Sai riaazat kar karaahan,
Khoon jigar daa peeve hoo.
Lakh hazaar kitaaban parh ke,
Daanishmand sadeeve hoo.
Naam faqeer tahendaa Baahoo,
Qabar jahendee jeeve hoo.

Hu is within, Hu is without,
Hu pervades everything; Where then is Bahu to find Hu?
He has wounded his own heart,
He has tortured his own soul.
With austerities of all manner,
With worship of all kinds, Having read millions of books.
He has also come to be called ‘wise’,
But the name ‘faqir’ befits only him, O Bahu, Whose very grave breathes life!


Andar kalmaa kul kul kardaa,
Ishq sikhaaiaa kalmaa hoo.
Chaudaan tabqe kalmen andar,
Chhad kitaabaan ilmaan hoo.
Kaanne kapp ke qalam banaavan,
Likh na sakkan qalmaan hoo.
Kalmaa mainoon peer parhhaiaa,
Zaraa na raheeaan almaan hoo.

Within me resounds the melody of Kalma,
The melody that love has taught me to hear.
Why don’t you put away your books,
And forget that you have learnt from them –
For within the Kalma you will find The fourteen inner realms.
Scholars sharpen reeds into pens,
But they are not capable of writing the true Kalma.
This Kalma has rid me of all afflictions Of the body and mind –
Only a Master could have taught it to me, O Bahu.


Andar wich namaaz asaadee,
Hikse jaa niteeve hoo.
Naal qiam rakooa sajoode,
Kar takraar parheeve hoo.
Eh dil hijar firaaqon sarhiaa,
Eh dam mare na jeeve hoo.
Sachchaa raah Mohammad waalaa,
Jain wich Rabb labheeve hoo.

I offer my prayer in the temple of my heart –
The only true place to worship God.
I stand in supplication, I bow in obeisance,
I tender my prayer without break in its repetition.
Hanging between life and death,
My heart burns in the fire of separation from him.
The path indicated by the Prophet is true,
O Bahu: Following it one can find God

Andar hoo te baahir hoo,
Hardam naal jalendaa hoo.
Hoo daa daagh muhabbat waalaa,
Hardam piaa sarhendaa hoo.
Jitthe hoo kare rushnaaee,
Chhorh andheraa vaindaa hoo.
Dohee jahaan ghulaam us Baahoo,
Jo hoo sahee karendaa hoo.

Hu is within, Hu is without,
Hu always reverberates in my heart.
The wound in my heart aches constantly,
With the unabating pain of Hu’s love.
The darkness of ignorance departs,
From the heart lit by Hu.
I sacrifice myself to the one,
O Bahu, Who has realized the significance of Hu.


Aujharh jhall te maaroo bele,
Jitthe jaalan aaee hoo.
Jis kaddhee noon dhaah hameshaan,
Ajj dhatthee kal dhaaee hoo.
Nain jinhaan dee vahe sirhaandee,
Oh such na saonde raahee hoo.
Ret paanee jith hon ikatthe,
Uth bannee na bajhdee kaaee hoo.

This body, this desolate wilderness,
In which the soul has come to lodge,
Is a rapidly crumbling bank of the river of time.
It will collapse – tomorrow, if not today.
Lodged on the edge of such a shore,
How can a traveller sleep in peace?
For where sand and water meet,
No embankment can hold, O Bahu.


Imaan salaamat har koee mange,
Ishq salaamat koee hoo.
Imaan mangan sharmaavan ishqon,
Dil noon ghairat hoee hoo.
Jis manzil non ishq puchaave,
Imaan khabar na koee hoo.
Ishq salaamat rakkheen Bahoo,
Diaan imaan dharoee hoo.

Believers pray to God for the protection of faith,
But few pray for the gift of his love.
I am ashamed at what they ask for,
Even more at what they are willing to yield.
Religion is quite unaware of the spiritual plane,
To which love can raise us.
O Lord, keep my love for you ever fresh,
Says Bahu: I shall mortgage my religion for it.


Eh tan Rabb sachche daa hujraa,
Wich paa faqeeraa jhaatee hoo.
Naa kar minnat khwaaj khizr dee,
Tain andar aab hayaatee hoo.
Shauq daa deevaa baal hanere,
Mat labbhee vast kharaatee hoo.
Marn theen agge mar rahe,
Jinhaan Haqq dee ramz pachhaatee hoo.

This body is the temple of the true Lord;
Peep within it, hermit!
You need no help from Khwaja Khizr: *
The water of life is already within you.
Light the lamp of love in your heart,
To dispel the darkness within And discover the long-lost treasure.
Those who realize the secret of God,
Die before death [and find everlasting life].
(Hazrat Khwaja Khizr is said to have drunk aabe hayaat, the water of life, and to know the secret of the pool of nectar).


Eh tan Rabb sachche daa hujraa,
Khirheeaan baagh bahaaraan hoo.
Wichche kooze, wich musalle,
Wich sajde diaan thaaraan hoo.
Wichche kaabaa wichche qiblaah,
Il-lillaah pukaaraan hoo.
Kaamil murshid miliaa Baahoo,
Aape laisee saaraan hoo.

This body is a temple of the true Lord,
In which fragrant gardens abound With eternally fresh blossoms.
Inside are the prayer mats, the places for prostration,
And the means for ritual ablution.
Inside is the Ka’ba and the Qibla,
And here I cry out to Allah, the one without parallel.
O Bahu, I have found the perfect Master,
Who will guide and protect me within.


Eh tan meraa chashmaan hove,
Murshid wekh na rajjaan hoo.
Loon loon de mudh lakh lakh chashmaan,
Ik kholaan ik kajjaan hoo.
Itniaan dithiaan sabar naa aave,
Hor kite val bhajjaan hoo.
Murshid daa deedaar hai Baahoo,
Lakh karorhaan hajjaan hoo.

Were my whole body festooned with eyes,
I would gaze at my Master with untiring zeal.
O, how I wish that every pore of my body, Would turn into a million eyes –
Then, as some closed to blink, others would open to see!
But even then my thirst to see him,
Might remain unquestioned. What else am I to do?
To me, O Bahu, a glimpse of my Master,
Is worth millions of pilgrimages to the holy Ka’ba!

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