Kalam Hazrat Sultan Bahu – 3/10


Tark duneeaa dee taaeen hose,
Jad faqeer milesee khaasaa hoo.

Taarik duneeaa taaeen hose,
Jad hath pakarhesee kaasaa hoo.

Dariaa wahadat nosh keetose,
Ajaan vee jee piaasaa hoo.

Raah faqar ratt hanjoo rovan,
Lokaan bhaane haasaa hoo.

You wil be able to renounce the world,
Only when you find the treasure of devotion.

True renunciation will only occur When you beg for the Lord’s grace,
In the begging bowl of your heart.

Deep have I drunk from the ocean of Oneness,
Yet my soul always thirsts for more.

Only tears of blood can pave the way to God;
O Bahu, none but the ignorant will take this lightly.


Tad faqeer shataabee banadaa,
Jad jaan ishq wich haare hoo.

Aashiq sheeshaa nafs murabbee,
Jaan jaanaan ton vaare hoo.

Khud nafsee chhad hastee jherhe,
Laah siron sab bhaare hoo.

Moiaan bajh na haasil theendaa,
Sai sai saang utaare hoo.

A seeker can quickly become a Saint,
When he loses himself in love:

His self becomes subdued and friendly;
His heart becomes refined and transparent,
As he sacrificed his self to the Beloved.

One must, hence, shake off the load of ego-
Of life itself-for without dying in love.

The goal of life cannot be attained!
Countless other means have I tried and failed.


Tasbeeh pheree dil na phiriaa,
Kee lainaa is pharh ke hoo.

Parhhiaa ilam, adab na sikhiaa,
Kee lainaa tis parhh ke hoo.

Chillaa kattiaa, kujh na khattiaa,
Kee liaa chille varh ke hoo.

Jaag binaan dudh jamde naaheen,
Laal hovan karh karh ke hoo.

You have been counting your rosary beads,
But your heart hasn’t taken a turn for the better.
What can anyone gain from such a practice?

You acquired knowledge by reading scriptures,
But you didn’t submit yourself to their mandate,
What can anyone gain from such knowledge?

You secluded yourself for forty-day retreats,
But that too did you no good

You may keep boiling milk forever, O Bahu,
But unless it is cultured, it will not yield the essence.


Tasbee daa toon kasbee hoion,
Dam maaren sang waleeaan hoo.

Dil daa mankaa ik na pheren,
Gal paaen panj veehaan hoo.

Den giaan gal ghotoo aave,
Lain giaan jhat sheehaan hoo.

Patthar chit jinhaan de,
Othe zaaiaa vasanaa meehaan hoo.

You have become an expert in counting beads;
You conduct yourself with an air of piety.

A hundred-bead rosary circles your neck,
But you have failed to count The one bead of your heart!

When it comes to giving, you feel strangled;
When taking, you grab like a lion.

On the hearts that are hard like stone,
O Bahu, rainfall is a wasted offering.


Tullaa banh tawakkul waalaa,
Ho mardaanaa taree-e hoo.

Jain dukh teen such hasil hove,
Us theen mool na daree-e hoo.

Inna ma-al-usar yusran aaiaa,
Chit use val dharee-e hoo.

Beparvaah dargaah oh Baahoo,
Ro ro haasil bharee-e hoo.

Build the ship of faith and bravely sail across,

Do not mind the pain that results in happiness.

Inscribe on the tablet of your heart,
The writ of the holy Qur’an:
“From suffering comes ease and comfort.”

Absolute is the Lord – he is accountable to none.
O Bahu, let us offer him his due,
Through prayer and the tears of penitence.


Tan main yaar daa shaihar banaaiaa,
Dil wich khaas mahallaa hoo.

Aan alif dil vasson keetee,
Hoee khoob tasallaa hoo.

Sab kujh mainoon piaa suneeve,
Jo bole maasawaa allaah hoo.

Dardmandaan eh ramz pachhaatee,
Bedardaan sir khallaa hoo.

For my friend I made my body into a city,
Where I built for him a special home in my heart.

When the one Lord took abode in it,
I was blessed with profound peace.

I now hear his Voice echoing in everything,
Even in voices other than his own.*

Only those who suffer the pangs of love,
Can realize this divine secret;
Others will be rebuffed from the Lord’s court.
(God’s own voice is the holy Word or Kalma, which is too subtle a sound to be perceived externally. But once that Kalma is realized within, its pervasiveness becomes manifest in everything – even in the grosser sounds of the Creation).


Torhe tang puraane hovan,
Gujjhe raihan na taazee hoo.

Maar naqaaraa dil wich varhiaa,
Khed giaa ik baazee hoo.

Maar dilaan noon jol ditto jad,
Takke nain niazee hoo.

Unhaan naal kee hoiaa,
Jinhaan Yaar na rakhiaa raazee hoo.

The saddle may be old, it’s girth worn,
But an Arabian horse will not go unnoticed.*

With the beat of a drum has entered my heart,**
And look! What a wondrous game he has played:

My heart was stirred to its very depth,
When I looked into his gracious eyes.

Ask not the fate of those, O Bahu,
Who could not earn the pleasure of the beloved Friend.
(An Arabian horse, in terms of its speed and agility, symbolizes the all-powerful Word or Kalma, of which the Master is a physical manifestation).
(Beat of a drum signifies the holy Sound – the Word or Shabd. Whenever the Master manifests himself within a disciple he is invariably accompanied by the Sound).


Toon taan jaag na jaag faqeeraa,
Larhen ant jagaaiaa hoo.

Akheen meetiaan dil na jaage,
Jaage matlab paaiaa hoo.

Eh nuktaa jad pukhtaa keetaa,
Zaahir aakh sunaaiaa hoo.

Main taan bhullee vaindee Baahoo,
Murshid raah vikhaaiaa hoo.

You may or may not wake up now, O faqir;
But you will wake up to reality in the end.

Your heart will not awaken,
By merely sitting with eyes closed-
It will awaken when you realize the goal,

When I attained my ultimate objective,
I proclaimed it to the world.

But on my own I would have still been lost, O Bahu,
Were it not for my Master showing me the way.


Saabat sidaq, te kadam agere,
Taaeen Rabb labheeve hoo.

Loon loon de wich zikr Allaah daa,
Hardam piaa parhheeve hoo.

Zaahir batin ain-ayaanee,
Hoo hoo piaa suneeve hoo.

Naam faqeer tinhaan da Baahoo,
Qabar jinhaan dee jeeve hoo.

Be steadfast in your faith, bold in your step;
Only then will you find God.

Every pore of your body will repeat the Name of Allah,
With every breath of your life.

Both within yourself and without You
will then hear the reverberating strains of Hu.

Only they may be called faqirs, O Bahu,
Whose very graves breathe Life.


Saabat ishq tinhaan ne laddhaa,
Trattee chaurh jain keetee hoo.

Na oh soofee, na oh saafee,
Na sajdaa karan maseetee hoo.

Khaalis neel puraane utte,
Na charhdaa rang majeethee hoo.

Qaazee aan sharaa wal Baahoo,
Ishq namaaz na neetee hoo.

They alone are blessed with true love,
Who have sacrificed their all for their Beloved.

They may not be Sufis nor be Safis;
They may not prostrate themselves in temples.

Those who are dyed deep in the indigo of religion,
Will never accept the crimson of God’s love:

Priests are stuck in rituals, O Bahu;
They have never learned to prostrate themselves in love.


Jal jalende jangal bhuande,
Hikkaa gall na pakkee hoo.

Challee-e makke hajj guzaaran,
Dil dee daurh na dakkee hoo.

Treehe roze panj namaazaan,
Eh bhee parhh parhh thakkee hoo.

Sabhe muraadaan haasil hoeeaan,
Jaan nazar mehar dee takkee hoo.

I prayed standing in water;
I roamed the forests in search of God,
But I failed to ascertain that ‘one thing’.

I went on pilgrimage to Mecca,
But I could not stop the wondering of my mind.

I fasted for thiry days,
I spent myself Offering prayers five times a day.

But all I had longed for was fulfilled, O Bahu,
When my Master cast his merciful glance on me.


Jaan jaa zaat na theeve Baahoo,
Taan kamzaat sadeeve hoo.

Zaatee naal sifaatee naheen,
Taan taan Haqq labheeve hoo.

Andar bhee hoo baahir bhee hoo,
Baahii kith labheeve hoo.

Jainde andar hubb duneeaa dee,
Mool faqeer na theeve hoo.

A heart that fails To experience the presence of the divine,
Will continue to be poorly evolved, O Bahu!

But when the Essence is freed from its attributes,
The presence of God becomes evident.

Then Hu resounds within and without;
No trace of Bahu can be found- he is lost in Hu!

No one who entertains love of the world,
Can ever become a faqir.


Jab lag khudee karen khud nafson,
Tab lag Rabb na paaven hoo.

Shart fanaa noon jaanen naaheen,
Naam faqeer rakhaaven hoo.

Moe baajh na sohndee alfee,
Aiven gal wich paaven hoo.

Naam faqeer tadaan hee sohndaa,
Jad jeevandiaan mar javen hoo.

As long as you proudly pamper your ego,
You will not realize God.

You call yourself a faqir,
Yet you don’t even know how to dissolve your self in God!

If you don’t kill your self first,
The clock of piety you wear will never suit you.

The name ‘faqir’ will benefit you, O Bahu,
Only when you die while you are still alive.


Jitthe rattee ishq vike uth,
Manaan imaan na dheeve hoo.

Kutab, kitabaan, vird, vazeefe,
Autar chaa kacheeve hoo.

Baajhon murshid kujh na haasil,
Raateen jaag parhheeve hoo.

Maree-e maran theen agge Baahoo,
Taan Rabb haasil theeve hoo.

In the court of the Lord, an ounce of love,
Weighs more than tons of religios faith.

Reading of scriptures, worship and rituals,
Are all barren and fruitless practise.

Without a Master nothing will be achieved,
Even if you read your own prayers the whole night long.

Only if you die before your death, O Bahu,
Will you attain God.


Jad daa murshid kaazaa ditrhaa,
Tad dee beparvaahee hoo.

Kee hoiaa je raateen jaagen,
Murshid jaag na laaee hoo.

Raateen jaagen karen ibaadat,
Nindiaa karen paraaee hoo.

Koorha takht duneeaa daa Baahoo,
Faqar sacchee patshaahee hooo.

Ever since my Master gave me,
To drink from his cup of nectar,
I have become carefree-indifferent to the world.

If a Master has not initiated you into God’s mystery,
Keeping awake to pray at night will avail you nothing.

All night you spend in prayer and worship,
All day you indulge in slanderous talk.

The power and authority of the world is false,
O Bahu! True is the sovereignty of the faqir!


Jis dil ism Allaah daa chamke,
Ishq bhee kardaa halle hoo.

Bhaar kastooree chhupdaa naaheen,
De rakhee-e sai palle hoo.

Ungaleen pichhe denh na chhupdaa,
Dariaa na rahe thalle hoo.

Aseen us wich, oh asaan wich,
Yaaraan yaar savalle hoo.

Love flourishes in that heart,
In which glows the Name of God.

The love of God is like the fragrance of musk –
Even a thousand wrappings cannot hold it in;

Or like the sun, which cannot be hid behind one’s fingers,
Or like a river that cannot be stopped in its course.

My Friend is in me, in my Friend am I;
There is no distance left between us.


Jangal de wich sher marelaa,
Baaz pave wich ghar de hoo.

Ishq jehaa sarraaf na koee,
Khot na chhadde zar de hoo.

Aashiq neendar bhukh na kaaee,
Aashiq mool na marde hoo.

Aashiq soee jeende dehrhe,
Rabb agge sir dharde hoo.

Like a lion that kills in the forest,
And a hawk that preys in the farmland.

Love destroys all impurites of the heart,
Better than a goldsmith can purify gold.

Lovers are always awake –
They are free from appetites of the flesh,
And they have conquered death.

But only those lovers are truly alive, O Bahu,
Who offer their heads at the altar of God.


Jinhaan shauh alif theen paaiaa,
Phol Quraan na parhhde hoo.

Maaran dam muhabbat waala,
Door hoeo nen parde hoo.

Dozakh bahisht ghulaam tinhaan de,
Chaa keetone barde hoo.

Main qurbaan tinhaan de jehrhe,
Wahadat de wich varhde hoo.

Those who have found the Lord,
Through their contemplation on Alif,
Do not read the holy Qur’an.

They live by the love of God,
As the veil of ignorance is lifted from their eyes.

Even heaven and hell wait on them,
Becoming their very slaves.

I sacrifice myself to those, O Bahu,
Who merge themselves in the oneness of God.


Jinhaan ishq haqeeqee paaiaa,
Moohon na alaavan hoo.

Zikar fikar wich raihan hameshaa,
Dam noon qaid lagaavan hoo.

Nafsee, qalbee, roohee, sirree,
Akhfee, khafee, kamaavan hoo

Main qurbaan tinhaan ton,
Jehrhe Hikkas nigaah jivaavan hoo.

Those who are blessed with God’s love,
Utter not a word about their condition.

Absorbed in his love, they dedicate Every breath of their lives,
To remembrance and contemplation of him.

Their minds, hearts, bodies and souls,
Are all engaged in the inner mystic practice.

I sacrifice myself to those Masters, O Bahu,
Who, with but one glance, Infuse life into dead hearts.


Jo paakee bin ishq maahee,
So paakee jaan paleetee hoo.

Hik butkhaane waasil hoe,
Hik khaalee rahe maseetee hoo.

Ishq dee baazee unhaan laaee,
Jinh sir den dhil na keetee hoo.

Hargiz dost na mildaa,
Jinhaan Trattee chaurh na keetee hoo.

Someone who is chaste by does not love the Lord,
Is pollutred in both mind and spirit.

Some achieve union in the idol house [of their hearts],
While others continue to be isolated in the mosque.*

Only those who radily offer their heads,
To the alter of God win the game of love.

Those who have not sacrificed their all for the Friend,
Will never meet him, O Bahu!
(In Muslim belief a mosque is the house of God, whereas an idol house is a symbol of heresy because praying to an idol is considered a sin against God. In Sufi literature ‘Idol temple’ is used as a metaphor for the eye centre, the spiritual heart, which contains the radiant image of the Master, the object of inner worship).

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