Kalam Hazrat Sultan Bahu – 5/10


Dil baazaar te moonh darvaazaa,
Seenaa shaihar daseendaa hoo.

Rooh saudaagar, nafs hai rahzan,
Haqq daa raah marendaa hoo.

Jaan torhee eh nafs na maaren,
Taan eh waqt kharhendaa hoo.

Kardaa zaae welaa Baahoo,
Jaan noon taak marendaa hoo.

The human body is a magnificent city –
The heart is its bazaar, the mouth its gate.

The soul is a merchant, the ego is a highwayman
Who robs her on her way to God.

If you do not destroy this ego,
It will destroy your life’s great opportunity:

It will make you waste your presious days, O Bahu.
It will shut tight the door to eternal life.


Dil te daftar wahadat waalaa,
Daayam kareen mutaaliaa hoo.

Saaree umraan parhhdiaan guzree,
Jaihalaan de wich jaaliaa hoo.

Ikko Ism Allaah daa rakkeen,
Eho sabaq kamaaliaa hoo.

Doven jahaan ghulaam tinhaan de,
Jain sil Rabb sambhaaliaa hoo.

Unity is written on the tablet of your heart –
You should continue studying that tablet for eternity.

You have spent a lifetime reading scriptures
And soncumed yourself in this pursuit of ignorance.

You only have to remember the one Word of God-
And keep on practising that one Word.

Those who enshrine the Lord in their hearts, O Bahu,
Have both the worlds at their command.


Dil dariaa khwaajaa deeaan laihraan,
Ghumman gher hazaaran hoo.

Raihan daleelaan wich fikar de,
Behad beshumaaraan hoo.

Hik pardesee dooaa nihon laggaa,
Treeaa besamajhee deeaan maaraan hoo.

Hassan khedan bhulliaa Baahoo,
Ishq chunghaaeeaan dhaaraan hoo.

In the ocean of my heart
Arise the waves of my Master’s grace.

In it appear whirlpools, in it blow fierce gales
Of the countless thoughts and arguments
That hamper my contemplation of the Lord.

I am in an alien land, where I find no support.
To add to my woes, I have fallen in love!

My lack of maturity, my inexperiance,
Aggravate my plight, and yet- Ever since I tasted love, O Bahu,
I have lost all taste For worldly play and merry-making.


Dil dariaa samundron doonghaa,
Ghotaa maar ghavaasee hoo.

Jain dariaa vanj nosh na keetaa,
Raihsee jaan piaasee hoo.

Hardam naal Allaah de rakkhan,
Zikr fikr de aasee hoo.

Us murshid theen zan behtar,
Baahoo, jo phand fareb libaasee hoo

The heart is deeper than the ocean;
Dive deep into it, O seeker, and explore!

Drink the water of life from this ocean,
Or your soul will always remain thristy.

Those who contemplate on the Lord,
Devoting every breath of their lives
To his remembrance, Will always keep him in their hearts.

The company of a seductress is less corrupting
Than that of an ignorant teacher
Who deceives in the grab of piety, O Bahu!


Dil dariaa samundron doonghe,
Kaun dilaan dee jane hoo

Wiche berhe, wiche jherhe,
Wiche vanjh muhaane hoo

Chaudaan tabq dile de andar,
Tamboo vaangan taane hoo

Joee dil daa maihram hove,
Soee Rabb pachhaane hoo

English translation of Kalam-e-Bahu

The heart is deeper than the ocean –
Who can fathom its mysteries?

Storms come and go on its surface,
While fleets sail through it,
Their crews wielding their oars.

Inside the heart are the fourteen realms,
Stretched like canvas tents.

Only the on who knows These deeper secrets of the heart
Can know the Creator, O Bahu!


Dil kaale ton moonh kaalaa changaa,
Je koee usnoon jaane hoo.

Moonh kaalaa dil achhaa hove,
Taan dil yaar pachhaane hoo.

Eh dil yaar de pichhe hoe,
Taan yaar vee kadee pachhaane hoo.

Aalim chhorh maseetaan natthe,
Jad lagge dil tikaane hoo.

Black skin is better than a black heart-
Just think about it.

Though the face is black, let the heart be pure,
For it is the heart that identifies with the Friend.

The heart that constantly pursues the Beloved Will,
in time, receive the nod of recognition.

The scholars flee their mosques, O Bahu,
When their hearts are touched by God’s love.


Daal-daleelaan chhorh wajoodon,
Ho hushiaar faqeera hoo.

Banh tawakkul panchhi udde,
Palle kharche na zeeraa hoo.

Rozee roz udd khaan hameshaa,
Karde na zakheeraa hoo.

Maulaa rizq puchaave Baahoo,
Jo patthar wich keerha hoo.

Give up all procrastination
And awake your soul, O dervish!

Have faith in your Lord, like the birds
That fly through the air without carrying their food.

When they are hungry they fly in search of nourishment-
They don’t store provisions.

The Lord provides food
Even the insect that lives in the depths of a rock crevice.


Duneeaa dhoondan waale kutte,
Dar dar phiran hairaanee hoo.

Haddee utte horh tinhaan dee,
Larhdiaan umar vinhaanee hoo.

Aqal de kotaah samjh na jaanan,
Peevan lorhan paanee hoo.

Bajhon zikr Rabbe de Baahoo,
Koorhee Raam kahaanee hoo.

People who seek the world are like dogs –
In its pursuit they shift from house to house.*

Greedily they pounce on bones –
They have wasted their lives Fighting over worldly things.

Devoid of good sense, foolish in their ways,
They cannot understand that what they really need
Is the water of life-to satisfy all hunger, all thirst.

Without remembrance of God’s Name, O Bahu,
One stays caught in this false drama of life.
(To “shift from house to house” is to shift from body to body in the cycle of transmigration).


Duneeaa ghar munaafiq de,
Yaa ghar kaafir de sohndee hoo.

Naqsh nigaar kare bahutere,
Zan khoobaan sabh mohndee hoo.

Bijlee vaang kare lishkaare,
Sir de utton jhondee hoo.

Hazrat Eesaa(AS) dee sil caangoon,
Vaindiaan raah kuhendee hoo.

This world-the great seductress-
Best suits the home of an infidel or an athiest.

She adorns herself with cunning
And uses her coquettish charm to entice one and all.

She swings her body with the speed of lightening;
She wraps her lustful arms around people.

She kills those who woo her, Like the golden brick
that destroyed its claimants-* But she belongs to no one.
(The golden brick refers to a story handed down from the times of Jesus: Three men traveling through the forest found a brick of gold. They were filled with joy and decided to distribute the brick among themselves in equal parts. After traveling some distance they stopped to rest for the night. One of them was sent to bring some food from a nearby market. He decided to kill the other two and put poison in their food so he would be the sole owner of the golden brick. Meanwhile, the other two conspired to kill the man who had gone to get food and to divide the brick in two equal parts. When the man with the food came, the other two killed him. And when the two ate the food, they died of the poison in it. Thus they killed one another for the gold that, in the end, belonged to no one).


Dudh, daheen te har koee rirhke,
Aashiq bhaa rirhkende hoo.

Tan chatoraa, man madhaanee,
Aaheen naal hilende hoo.

Dukh netraa kaddhe lishkaare,
Gham daa paanee peende hoo.

Naam faqeer tinhaan daa Baahoo,
Haddon makkhan kadhende hoo.

Everyone churns cream to get butter,
But a lover churns the fire of love in his heart!

Propelled by his sighs, the churning-stick of the mind
Rotates in the vessel of his body.

The rope of pain turns the blades that create sparks,
As the water of grief is added to cool the contents.

Only someone who churns his bones
To produce the Essence Deserves to be called a faqir, O Bahu!


Deen te duneeaa sakkeeaan bhainaan,
Aqal naheen samjhendaa hoo.

Doven ikk nikaah wich aavan,
Sharaa naheen farmendaa hoo.

Jiven agg te paanee thaan ik,
Vaasaa naheen karendaa hoo.

Doheen jahaaneen mutthaa,
Jehrhaa Daavaa koorh karendaa hoo.

Spiritual and worldy life are twin sisters,
So alike that not even the best of minds Can tell them apart.

Not only are they mutually antagonistic,
They are also wedded to the same individual.

But it is against the law of religion
To be married to them both at the same time-
Which is no less odd Than trying to hold fire and water together!

One who claims to espouse both God and mammon
Will be condemned in this world and the next.


Zaate naal na zaatee raliaa,
So kamzaat sadeeve hoo.

Nafs kutte noon banh karaahaan,
Qeemaa qeem kacheeve hoo.

Zaat sifaaton mehna aave,
Zaatee shauq napeeve hoo.

Naam faqeer tinhaan daa Baahoo,
Qabar jinhaan dee jeeve hoo.

One who has not merged his soul in its Essence
Is love in caste.

The dog of ego should be kept on its leash;
Indeed, it should be minced into small pieces.

The soul is admonished by the Lord
For procrastinating while on this earth,
And subduing her natural urge to be with Him.

Only they may be called faqirs, O Bahu,
Whose very graves breathe Life.


Zikr fikar sab ure urere,
Jaan jaan fidaa na faanee hoo.

Fidaa faanee tinhaan noon haasil,
Jo wassan laamkaanee hoo.

Fidaa faanee han ohee jinhaan,
Chakhee ishq dee kaanee hoo.

Doe jahaan tinhaan de mutthe,
Yaar na miliaa jaanee hoo.

Unless the self is sacrificed and lost in God’s love,
Repitition and contemplation will not achieve the goal.

Only dwellers of realms beyond time and space
Can lose themselves in God’s love.

Only someone whose heart is pierced By the arrows of his love
Can sacrifice his self and merge in God.

Anyone who fails to find the beloved Friend
Will remain bereft of love in both worlds, O Bahu.


Zikr kanoon kar fikr hameshaa,
Eh tikhaa talwaaron hoo.

Kaddhan aaheen, jaan jalaavan,
Fikr karan israaron hoo.

Zaakir so jo fikr kamaavan,
Pal na faarigh yaaron hoo.

Fikr daa phattiaa hoee na jeeve,
Putte mudh chaa paarhon hoo.

Haqq daa kalmaa aakheen Baahoo,
Bacheen fikr dee maaron hoo.

Repeat the Name of God, and always contemplate on him,
While doing your repitition- Keener than a sword is such remembrance.

You must sigh with grief and burn your heart in love,
Before you can practise the Name And resolve themystery of life.

Only id you contemplate on the Beloved
And do not, even for a moment, take your mind off him,
Will you truly remember.

Struck by such contemplation,
No one can really live for the world-
It digs out worldly attachment by the root.

Repeat the Word of God, O Bahu,
And free yourself from the worries of life.


Raat haneree kaalee de wich,
Ishq chiraagh jalaandaa hoo.

Jaindee sik ton dil chaa neeve,
So aawaaz sunaandaa hoo.

Aujharh jhall te maaroo bele,
Dam dam khauf sheehaan daa hoo.

Jal thal jangal gae jhagende,
Kaamil nenh jinhaan daa hoo.

In the dark fathomless night of ignorance,
Love is a torch that brings light.

From it emanates a Meoldy That enraptures lovers’ hearts!

On the path of love are forests, oceans And wastelands,
with a constant threat of lions.

Anyone who cherishes perfect love in his heart,
Can cross these forests, oceans and wastelands Without fear.


Raateen rattee neend na aave,
Deehaan rahe hairaanee hoo.

Aarif dee gal aarif jaane,
Kiaa jaane nafsaanee hoo.

Kar ibaadat pachhotaasen,
Zaaiaa gaee javaanee hoo.

Haqq huzoor unhaan noon haasil,
Jinh miliaa peer Jilaanee hoo.

I pass my nights without a wink of sleep;
In confusion I pass my days.

Only a man of God would know a man of God-
What can a slave of the mind and senses know of him?

If you don’t meditate on God; you will repent
That your youth was spent in vain persuits.

Those who found their Master in Shah Jilani
Will gain admittance to the Lord’s court.


Raateen nain rat hanjhoo rovan,
Deehaan ghamzaa gham daa hoo.

Parhh tauheed giaa tan andar,
Sukh aaraam na samdaa hoo.

Sir soolee te chaa tangio nen,
Eho raaz piram daa hoo.

Siddhaa ho koheevee-e Baahoo,
Qatraa rahe na gham daa hoo.

In my devotion to the One,
My consciousness has centred in my body;

Now I neither rest nor sleep.

All night I shed in tears of longing,
All day I cry in the pain of separation!

O Bahu, the secret of love is
That you sacrifice your life at the altar of God
Without a second thought And rid yourself of the last traces of grief.


Raah faqar daa pare parere,
Orhak koee na disse hoo.

Na uth parhhan parhhaavan koee,
Na uth masle qisse hoo.

Eh duneeaa hai butt-parastee,
Mat koee is te visse hoo.

Maut faqeeree jain sir aave,
Maalam theeve tisse hoo.

The path of the Masters is the highest of all;
It is beyond all comprehension!

On this path there is neither teaching Nor learning from books.
There are neither discussions nor expositions
Nor stories from the past.

Love of this world is sheer idolatry, a denial of God;
Let no one trust its loyalty.

Only the one who knows the mystic art Of dying while living,
knows the real secret.

English translation:

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