Kalam Hazrat Sultan Bahu – 6/10


Raah faqar daa tad ladhosee,
Jad hath pharheeosee kaasaa hoo.

Tark duneeaa ton tad thiosee,
Jad faqeer miliosee khaasaa hoo.

Dariaa wahadat nosh keetose,
Ajaan bhee jee piaasaa hoo.

Raah faqar rat hanjhoo rovan,
Lokaan bhaane haasaa hoo.

I found the mystic path When I held the beggar’s bowl in hand,
Begging for the Master’s grace.

I could only truly renounce the world
After I had met my exalted Master.

Deep have I drunk from the ocean of oneness,
Yet my soul thirsts for more and more.

Tears of blood pave the way to God, O Bahu!
None but the ignorant will take this lightly.


Roze, nafal, namaazaan, taqwaa,
Sabbho kamm hairaanee hoo.

Inheen galleen Rabb haasil naaheen,
Khud khwaanee khud daanee hoo.

Qadeem hamesh jalendaa milio,
So yaar yaar na jaanee hoo.

Virad vazeefe theen chhut raihsee,
Baahoo hosee jad faanee hoo.

Fasting, prayers and rites of abstinence Only end in confusion.

God is not found through such means;
These are all but acts of vanity and self-promotion!

You have failed to recognize the beloved
Friend Who always lives within you.

You will save yourself from rites and rituals,
O Bahu, when you lose your being in God.


Re-raihmat us ghar wich vasse,
Jitthe balde deeve hoo.

Ishq hawaaee charh gaee falkeen,
Kitthe jahaaz ghateeve hoo.

Aqal fikr dee berhee noon chaa,
Paihale poor burheeve hoo.

Har jaa jaanee disse Baahoo,
Jitwal nazar kacheeve hoo.

Bliss and grace reign in the heart,
That glows with the light of love.

The sail of love has soared to the heavens,
Leaving the ship of thought and reason.

Without its motive power-sinking
On its very first attempt to cross the ocean of life.

From where I stand, In whatever direction my eyes turn,
I see only my Beloved, O Bahu.


Zaahid zuhd kamaande thakke,
Roze, nafal, namaazaan hoo.

Aashiq gharq hoe wich wahadat,
Naal muhabbat raazaan hoo.

Makkhee qaid shahad wich hoee,
Keeh udsee sang baazaan hoo.

Jinhaan majlis naal nabee,
Oh saahib naaz nawaazaan hoo.

The pious tire themselves out With austerities and fasts,
With worship and rituals, While lovers dissolve themselves
In the ocean of oneness.

Through love they acquire the secret of God!
Like a bee drowning in a jar of honey,
The worldly –minded are drowning in a jar of honey,
The worldly-minded are drowning in worldly pleasures.

They cannot soar to the spiritual heights of the mystics
Any more than a bee can fly with eagles!

Those who keep company with a
Master Are honored in God’s court, blessed with God’s grace.


Zabaanee kalma har koee parhhdaa,
Dil daa kalmaa koee hoo.

Jitthe kalmaa dil daa parhhee-e,
Mile zabaan na dhoee hoo.

Dil daa kalmaa aashiq parhhde,
Jaanan yaar galoee hoo.

Kalmaa mainoon peer parhhaaiaa,
Sadaa suhaagan hoee hoo.

Everyone recites the Kalma with his lips;
Rare is the person who recites it from the heart.

When the Kalma comes from the heart,
The spoken word has no value.

Only mystics know this Kalma of the heart.
What do they know, who only sing and preach?

My Master has taught me this secret Kalma;
I am now forever united with my Lord.


Sabaq sifaatee soee parhde,
Jo vat hain naheen zatee hoo.

Ilmon-ilm unhaan noon hoiaa,
Aslee te asbaatee hoo.

Naal muhabbat nafs kuthone,
Kadh qazaa dee kaatee hoo.

Bahraa khaas unhaan noo jinhaan,
Laddhaa aab hayaatee hoo.

Only those who practise his true Name
Know how to sing God’s praises.

They acquire through inner revelation,
The knowledge real and true!

Wielding the swerd of God’s will
They slay their ego with God’s love.

Those who find the water of eternal life
Acquire divine wisdom, O Bahu!


Sun fariaad peeraan diaa peeraa,
Aakh sunaavaan kainoon hoo.

Tain jehaa mainoon hor na koee,
Main jeheeaan lakkh tainoon hoo.

Phol na kaaghaz badeeaan waale,
Dar ton dhakk na mainoon hoo.

Main wich aid gunaah na hunde,
Toon bakhshendon kainoon hoo.

O Shah Jilani, Master of Masters! Listen to my supplication.
Who else will minister my needs? Who else will attend to my plight?

For me, there is no one like you;
But for you, there are forlorn millions like me.

Do not read the scroll of my evil deeds;
Pray shut not the door of remission on my soul!

But for a blatant sinner like me, says Bahu,
who would have given you such a chance
To exercise your forgiveness?


Sun fariaad peeraan diaa peeraa,
Arz suneen kan dhar ke hoo.

Berha arhiaa wich kapraan,
Jith machh na baihnde dar ke hoo.

Shahh Jilaanee mahboob subhaanee,
Khabar lio jhat kar ke hoo.

Peer jinhaan daa Meeraan Baahoo,
Kaddhee lagde tarke hoo.

O Shah Jilani, Master of Masters,
Listen intently to my supplication:

My ship is caught in perilous seas
Where even mighty whales dare not venture.

O Shah Jilani, beloved of God,
Make haste and come to my rescue!

Those who rely on you, O Meeran,
As their Master and Saviour,
Will safely swim across the ocean of life.


Soz kanoon tan sarhiaa araa,
Dukkhaan dere laae hoo.

Kowel vaang kookendee vattaan,
Vanjena din zaae hoo.

Bol peehaa saawan aaiaa,
Maulaa meenh varsaae hoo.

Saabat sidq te qadam agohaan,
Eh gal yaar milaae hoo.

My body is burning in the fire of longing;
The pain of separation has settled in my hart;
Like the ko’el I cry for the rain of God’s mercy.

Sing, O peeha, the rainy season has arrived!
Join me in my prayer for the water of life-
Lest the rainy season should end, the opportunity be lost.

O Bahu, firmness of faith, steadfast of purpose,
Will one day unite you with your beloved Friend.


Sau hazaae tinhaan ton sadqe,
Jo na bolan phikkaa hoo

Lakkh hazaar tinhaan ton sadqe,
Jo gall karde hikkaa hoo

Lakkh karorah tinhaan ton sadqe,
Nafs rakhende jhikkaa hoo.

Neel padam tinhaan ton sadqe,
Son sadaavan sikkaa hoo.

I could sacrifice myself a hundred times
To those who never say a dispiriting word;

A thousand times to those
Who stand firm by their word.

A million times could I make an offering of myself
To people who keep their ego on a leash;
And a billion times to the pure as gold,
Who present themselves as being like lead.


Sai roze sai nafal namaazaan,
Sai sajde kar thakke hoo.

Makke hajj gae sai vaaree,
Dil dee daurh na mukke hoo.

Chille, chalee-e jangal bhauna,
Is gal theen na pakke hoo.

Sab matalab ho jaande haasil,
Peer nazar ik takke hoo.

Endless fasts, prayers and worship,
And acts of prostration have worn me out.

A thousand times have I gone on pilgrimage to Mecca,
But that did not end the wanderings of my mind;

Nor did my retreats to the seclusion of the forest
Bring me the enlightenment I had sought.

But all the objectives of life are met, O Bahu,
When the Master bestows a merciful glance!


Seene wich maqaam hai kaindaa,
Murshid gall sujhaaee hoo.

Eho saah jo aave jaave,
Hor naheen shai kaaee hoo.

Is noon Ism-al-Aazam aakhan,
Eho sirr Ilaahee hoo.

Eho maut hayaatee Baahoo,
Eho bhet Ilaahee hoo.

My Master has explained to me
The reality of living in the heart:

It is called Ism-i-A’zam,
the Word of God- It is the divine mystery.

This Word is the breath of our lives;
Other than the Word nothing exists!

It brings life, it causes death;
In it lie all the secrets of God!


Shariat de darwaaze uchche,
Raah faqar daa moree hoo.

Aalim faazil den na langhan,
Jo langhe so choree hoo.

Putt putt ittaan vatte maaran,
Dardmandaan de khoree hoo.

Raaz maahee daa aashiq jaanan,
Jaanan keeh athoree hoo.

Lofty are the portals of religion;
Hard to find is the narrow path that leads to God.

Priests and scholars allow no one to find it;
They throw stones and rocks, they persecute Saints.

Lovers have only discovered this strait path
By keeping out of their sight.

Only lovers know the secret path to the Lord.
How can people driven by blind impulse find it?


Shor shaihar te raihamat wasse,
Jitthe Baahoo jaale hoo.

Baaghbaanaa de boote vaangoon,
Taalib nit sambhaale hoo.

Naal nazaare rahmat waale,
Kharha huzooron paale hoo.

Naam faqeer tisse daa Baahoo,
Ghar wich yaar vikhaale hoo.

May God’s grace descend on Shorekote,
Where Bahu lives!

Like a gardener who nurses his seedlings,
The Master always tends and protects his disciples:

He nourishes them from his court With his merciful glance.

Someone who shows you the Lord within your body
Deserves the name ‘Master’, O Bahu.


Sift sanaaee mool na parhhde,
Jo pauhte wich zaatee hoo.

Ilm, amal unhaan wich hove,
Aslee te asbaatee hoo.

Naal muhabaat nafs kuthone,
Ghin razaa dee kaatee hoo.

Chaudaan tabq dile wich Baahoo,
Paa nadar dee jhaatee hoo.

People who have attained the real Name of God
Do not sing hymms in temples.

They have learnt to practise the real Name;
They have acquired the true knowledge of his essence.

They have wielded the sword of God’s will;
They have slain their ego with God’s love.

All fourteen realms are within your heart,
O Bahu, if only you knew how to peep within!


Soorat nafs ammaare dee,
Koee kuttaa gullar kaalaa hoo.

Kooke, nooke, lahoo peeve,
Mange charb nivaalaa hoo.

Khabbe paason andar baithaa,
Dil de naal sambhaalaa hoo.

Eh bad-bakht hai zaalim Baahoo,
Allaah karsee taalaa hoo.

The stubborn ego is like an ugly, black dog
That howls and screams without end.

It eats your flesh, it drinks your blood;

It dwells in the left, shadowy side of your heart!

It is evil and accursed,
O Bahu- May the Lord save us all from its brutal attacks!


Zaad-zarooree nafs kutte noon,
Qeema qeem kacheeve hoo.

Naal muhabbat zikr Allaah daa,
Dam dam piaa parheeve hoo.

Zikr kanoon Rabb haasil theendaa,
Zaato zaat diseeve hoo.

Doven jahaan ghulaam tinhaan de,
Jinhaan zaat labheeve hoo.

The dog of ego must be slain and minced into bits
By the repetition of God’s Name.

Practised with love, with every breath of one’s life.

You can realize God with the repition of the Name,
And your soul can have The vision of its own divine Essence.

Heaven and earth become slaves of anyone, O Bahu,
Who has realized the Essence within himself.


Taalib ben ke taalib hoven,
Ose noon piaa gaaven hoo.

Larh sache haadee daa pharh ke,
Oho toon ho jaaven hoo.

Kalme daa toon zikr kamaavan,
Kalme naal nahaaven hoo.

Allaah tainoon paak kare.
Je zaatee Ism kamaaven hoo.

If you seek to meet God ardently,
Become a disciple of a true Master And sing his praises.

If you follow his instructions sincerely,
You will, one day, assume his very form.

By constant repitition of his Kalma
You will bathe yourself in its beatitude.

The Lord will purify you of all your sins, O Bahu,
If you practise that real Name of God.


Taalib Ghaus-al-Aazam waale,
Kade na hovan maande hoo.

Jainde andar ishq dee rattee,
Raihan sadaa kurlaande hoo.

Jainoon shauq milan daa hove,
Lai khushiaan nit aande hoo.

Doven jahaan naseeb tinhaan,
Jo Zaatee Ism kamaande hoo.

Put your faith in Ghaus-ul-A’zam,
And you will never be left in the lurch.

With just a grain of love in your heart,
You will spend your life Crying in the pain of separation.

If you long to meet the Lord ardently,
You will always obtain peace and happiness.

If you practise the real Name of God,
All bliss will be yours, O Bahu,
In this world and the world beyond.


Zaahir wekhaan jaanee taaeen,
Naale andar seene hoo.

Birhon maari nit phiraan main,
Hassan lok naabeene hoo.

Main dil wichon hai shauh paaiaa,
Lokeen jaan madeene hoo.

Kahe faqeer Meeraan daa Baahoo,
Andar dilaan khazeene hoo.

I see my Beloved in the world outside.
When I look within, I see him in my heart.

I wander around, worn down with the pain of longing;
The blind and ignorant mock and jeer.

I have found my Lord within my heart,
While the unenlightened go on pilgirmage to Mecca.

Says Bahu, the beggar at his Master’s door:
There are bountiful treasures within my heart.

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