Kalam Hazrat Sultan Bahu – 7/10


Aashiq daa dil mom braabar,
Maashooqaan dil kaahlee hoo.

Tu’amaa wekkhe tur tur takke,
Jion baazaan dee chaalee hoo.

Baaz vichaaraa kionkar udde,
Paireen pios dawaalee hoo.

Jain dil ishq khareed na keetaa,
Dohaan jahaanon khaalee hoo.

A lover’s heart melts like wax,
But slow in response is the Beloved.

Like a hawk, the lower eyes the Beloved’s heart
And seeks it out.

But tied down to earthly strings,
How can the poor hawk fly?

The heart that has not purchased love
In the marketplace of life, O Bahu,
Will go empty-handed-in this world and the next.


Aashiq parhn namaaz piram dee,
Jain wich harf na koee hoo.

Jehaa kehaa neet na sakke,
Uth dardmand dil dhoee hoo.

Akheen neer te khoon jigar daa,
Wuzoo paak keetoee hoo.

Jeebh na hille, honth na pharhkan,

Khaas namaazee soee hoo.

A lover offers his prayer in an unspoken language.

It is not for everyone-
Only the aching heart of a lover can know this prayer.

He purifies himself by doing his wuzoo
With tears from his eyes, blood from his heart.

Only a rare devotee knows the prayer for which
The tongue does not move, lips do not flutter.


Aashiqa hik wuzoo jo keetaa,
Roz qiaamat taaeen hoo.

Wich namaaz raku sajoode,
Raihande sanjh sabaaheen hoo.

Ethe othe doheen jahaaneen,
Sabh faqar deeaan jaaeen hoo.

Arshaan ton sai manzil agge,
Paindaa kam tinhaaeen hoo.

A lover purifies himself just once-with Kalma;
His wuzoo will hold till the day of judgement.

Day and night he prostrates himself
And keeps his head bowed in supplication.

The faqirs are at home in this world and the next,

But a thousand stages beyond paradise Lies their real Home!


Aashiq raaz maahee de kolon,
Hon kadee na theevan vaande hoo.

Neend haraam tinhaan te,
jehrhe Zaatee Ism kamaande hoo.

Hik pal mool aaraam na aae,
Raat dine kurlaande hoo.

Jinhaan alif sahee kar parhiaa,
Waah naseeb tinhaan de hoo.

Lovers are always engaged
In inner contemplation of the Beloved.

They even deny themselves their nightly sleep-
So absorbed are they In their practise of God’s real Mane.

They are restless day and night;
They cry in the pain of their separation from God.

Bahu hails the good fortune of those devotees
Who rightly devote themselves To the lesson of Oneness.


Aashiq soee haqeeqee jehrhaa,
Qatal maashooq de manne hoo.

Ishq na chhorhe, mukh na morhe,
Pae talvaaraan khanne hoo.

Jit wal wekhe raaz maahee daa,
Lagge ose banne hoo.

Sachchaa ishq Hussain Ali daa,
sir dae raaz na bhanne hoo.

A real lover is one who bows his head
Before the Beloved’s sword.

He will never forsake his love,
Never turn his back on the Beloved-
Even if he were cut into pieces with the sword of love.

He will put his heart and soul into his endeavour
To find a clue to the Beloved’s secrets.

The love of Hussain and Ali was true, O Bahu.
They sacrificed their lives,
But not their love for God and the Prophet.


Aashiq Shauh de dil kharhaaiaa,
Aap bhee naale kharhiaa hoo.

Kharhiaa kharhiaa valiaa naheen,
Sang mahboobaan raliaa hoo.

Aql fikr deeaan sab bhull gaeeaan,
Ishqe naal jaan miliaa hoo.

Main qurbaan tinhaan theen,
jain wich Ishq javaanee charhiaa hoo.

A lover lost his heart to the Beloved;
And with his heart lose, he himself was lost.

Being lost, he never turned back,
But ventured onward to join the Beloved.

In his love he merged in the Beloved,
And his reason and intellect were all but forsaken.

I make myself a sacrifice to anyone in whose heart
Love has so blossomed, O Bahu!


Aashiq ishq maahee de kolon,
Phiran hameshaa kheeve hoo.

Jeende jaan maahee noon dittee,
Doheen jahaaneen jeeve hoo.

Shamaa chiraagh jinhaan dil roshan,
Oh kion baalan deeve hoo.

Aqal fikr dee pahunch na othe,
Faanee faiham kacheeve hoo.

Lovers remain completey intoxicated
In the ecstasy of their love for the Beloved.

They offer their souls to the Beloved while still living
And thus immortalize themselves In this life and the hereafter.

Why should anyone Whose heart shines with the light of God
Burn candles in temples?

Grossly limited are reason and intellect, O Bahu!
They have no access to the realm of love.


Aashiq nek salaaheen lagde,
Kion ujaarhde ghar noon hoo.

Baal mavaataa birhoon daa,
Na laande jaan jigar noon hoo.

Jaan jahaan sab bhull gio ne,
Luttee hosh sabar noon hoo.

Main qurbaan tinhaan ton,
jinhaan Khoon ditta dilbar noon hoo.

Had these lovers heeded the good advise of the world,
They would not have deserted their homes.*

They would not have burnt their hearts and souls
In the fire of longing for the Beloved.
They are oblivious of both themselves and the world.

Their love for the Lord has robbed them
Of their patience and their awareness of themselves.

I make myself a sacrifice to anyone
Who has surrendered his life for the Beloved, O Bahu.
(Deserting the home: Withdrawing at will the life consciousness from the physical body)


Aashiq ho te ishq kamaawe,
Dil rakkheen vaang pahaarhaan hoo.

Sai sai badeeaan, lakh ulaahme,
Jaaneen baagh bahaaraan hoo.

Chaa soolee Mansoor dittaa,
Jo waaqif kul asraaraan hoo.

Sajdoin sir na chaaee-e Bahoo,
Kaafir kaihan hazaaraan hoo.

Become a lover,
and let your heart be like a rock.

If people hurl abuse at you,
consider it as a blessing.

Even Mansur, who knew all the secrets of God,
Was sent to the gallows.

Once you have bowed you head in prayer,
Do not lift it again, O Bahu,
Although the multitude may brand you an infidel.*
(The Muslim prayer, namaaz is offered in verying postures like standing, bowing, kneeling, in a given sequence, as directed by the prayer leader. But once a lover has bowed his head in prayer, he forgets his surroundings, even his own body. ‘The faithful’ brand him infidel because he does not join them in their set pattern of ritual prayer)


Ishq asaanoon lissiaan jaataa,
Baithaa maar pathalla hoo.

Wich jigar de sanh chaa laaeeas,
Keetas kam avallaa hoo.

Jaan andar varh jhaatee paaeeas,
Ditthaa yaar ikallaa hoo.

Bajhon murshid kaamil Baahoo,
Hondi naheen tasallaa hoo.

Considering me a weakling,
Love has settled itself like a squatter in my heart.

It has forced its way in through a secret opening-
What an act of daring trespass!

When I went within myself to investigate,
I found my Love sitting alone-waiting!

Without my perfect Master, O Bahu,
None can ever realize the goal of life.


Ishq asaanoon lissiaan jaataa,
Karke aave dhaaee hoo.

Jit val wekhaan ishq diseeve,
Khaalee haa na kaaee hoo.

Murshid kaamil oh miliaa,
Jis dil dee taakee laahee hoo.

Main qurban us murshid ton,
Jis dassiaa bhet Ilaahee hoo.

Love considers me a weakling;
Unrelenting, it charges at my heart.

Overwhelmed by its onslaughts,
I see nothing but love wherever I look;
I can find no place that is bereft of love.

I was blessed to meet a perfect Master
Who opened the sealed window of my heart.

I make myself a sacrifice to the Master, O Bahu,
Who has revealed to me the secret of God.


Ishq asaanoon lissiaan jaataa,
Latthaa mall muhaarhee hoo.

Na sauven, na sauvan deve,
Jeeven baal rihaarhee hoo.

Poh maagheen kharbooze mange,
Main kith laisaan vaarhee hoo.

Aqal fikr deeaan bhull gaeeaan,
Jad ishq vajaaee taarhee hoo.

Considering me frail and helpless,
Love has entrenched itself at my door.

Like a spoiled child, it won’t sleep,
Nor will it let me have any rest.

It demands the impossible of me:
It wants summer fruit in the dead of winter- Where can I find such a thing?

When love decides to call you, O Bahu,
Reason and logic are completely forgotten.


Ishq jinhaan de haddeen rachiaa,
Raihan oh chup chupaate hoo.

Loon loon de wich lakkh zabaanaan,
Kaan oh gungee baate hoo.

Karde wuzoo Ism Aazam daa,
Dariaa wahadat nahaate hoo.

Tadon qabool namaazaan Baahoo,
Jad yaaraan yaar pachhaate hoo.

Devotees, whose hearts are saturated
With the love of God, keep their lips sealed.

Every pore of their bodies has a million tongues
With which to repeat the Name of God-
Their silence speaks for their eloquence.

They have done their wuzoo with the holy Name;
They have bathed themselves in the ocean of oneness.

Only when your soul identifies with its divine Source
Will your prayer be accepted, O Bahu.


Ishq chalaaiaa taraf asmaanaan,
Farshon arsh wakhaaiaa hoo.

Rauh nee duneeaa thag na saanoon,
Saadaa jee ghabraaiaa hoo.

Aseen musaafir watan duraadaa,
Koorhaa laalach laaiaa hoo.

Mar gae marne theen pahle,
Tinhaan Rabb noon paaiaa hoo.

Love has inspired me to explre the heavens:
From earth it has raised me to the worlds of Spirit.

Be gone, foul world, beguile me no more!
I am already in anguish about my stay here.

I am a wayfarer, my home is far away,
And you have enticed me with false promises.

Only if you forsake the world and die while living
Can you find the Lord, O Bahu.


Ishq muhabbat dariaa de wich,
Thee mardaanaa tarree-e hoo.

Jitthe paun ghazab deeaan laiharaan,
Qadam uthaaeen dharee-e hoo.

Aujharh jhang balaaeen bele,
Wekh wekh na daree-e hoo.

Naam faqeer tad theendaa Baahoo,
Wich talab de maree-e hoo.

Be brave and swim across the ocean of love,
Plunging straight Into its fierce waves, its deadly whirlpools.

And don’t be frightened At the sight of the dense forests

Or threatening inner waste lands,
On your way to the country of love.

Only when you sacrifice your life In your love for God
Will you deserve the name ‘faqir’, O Bahu.


Ishq dee baazee har jaa khedee,
Shaah, gadaa, sultaanaan hoo.

Aalim, faazil, aaqil, daanaa,
Kardaa chaa hairaanaan hoo.

Tamboo khot latthaa wich dil de,
Laaees khilwat khaanaan hoo.

Ishq ameer faqeer manende,
Keeh jaane begaanaan hoo.

Everyone from king to beggar
has played the game of love-

It equally astounds the intellectual,
the scholar and the wise.

Love has firmly entrenched itself within me,
Establishing its private chamber in my heart!

Love has touched the hearts Of the rich and the poor alike;
How can an outsider-who had never tasted love-
Realize its bliss and splendour?


Ishq dee bhaah haddaan daa baalan,
Aashiq baih sikende hoo.

Ghatt ke jaan jigar wich aaraa,
Wekh kabaab talende hoo.

Sargardaan phiran har wele,
Khoon jigar daa peende hoo.

Hoe hazaaraan aashiq Baahoo,
Ishq naseeb kaheende hoo.

Lovers warm themselves On the fire of love in their hearts-
Ignited and def with the fuel of their bones.

They carve out the flesh of their hearts
And roast it on this fire.

Distraught in love, they wander listlessly,
Quenching their thirst with their own blood.

Thousands have claimed to be lovers, O Bahu;
Rare is the one who is blessed with true love!


Ishq dee gall avallee jehrhaa,
Sharaa theen door hataave hoo.

Qaazee shhorhe qazaaee jaan,
Jad ishq tamaachaa laave hoo.

Lok ayaane matteen devan,
Aashiq mat na bhaave hoo.

Murhn muhaal tinhaan noon jinhaan,
Saahib aap bulaave hoo.

Curios are the ways of love-
It weans you away from religion.

When smitten by love,
Even priests would forsake their priesthood.

The ignorant preach against love,
But lovers shun their advise.

Those who are called by God himself,
Find it onerous to return to worldly life.


Ishq samundar charh giaa falkeen,
Kit jahaaz kacheeve hoo.

Aqal fikr dee daundee noon,
chaa Paihale poor boorheeve hoo.

Karhkhan kappar paun laiharaan,
Jad wahadat wich varheeve hoo.

Jis marne theen khalqat dardee,
Aashiq marke jeeve hoo.

Waves on the ocean of love rise to the skies;
Even large and sturdy ships cannot survive.

The fragile boat of intellect and reason Has little chance.

It will sink in its first attempt to cross
Because fierce whirlpools roar, deadly waves crash,
When a ship prepares to enter the port of Unity.

The death that strikes terror in people’s minds
Brings joy to a lover’s heart:
In death he finds everlasting life.


Ishq maahee de laaeeaan aggeen,
Laggee kaun bujhaave hoo.

Main keeh jaanaan zaat ishq,
jo Dar dar chaa jhukaave hoo.

Na saunven na sauvan deve,
Suttiaan aan jagaave hoo.

Main qurbaan haan usde jehrha,
Vichhrhe yaar milaave hoo.

My heart is ablaze with the fire of love.
Who will quench the flames?

How was I to know what this love was like?
It has made me bow my head at every doorstep.

It is always awake, and it always keeps me awake;
It doesn’t allow me a wink of sleep.

O Bahu, I sacrifice myself to anyone,
Who will reunite me with my long-separated Friend.


Ishq muazzin dittiaan baangaan,
Kanneen sad peeose hoo.

Khoon jigar daa kadh karaahaan,
Wuzoo paakh sezeeose hoo.

Sun taqbeer fanai walee,
Murhan muhaal theeose hoo.

Parh takbeer theeose waasil,
Taaheen shukr keetose hoo.

When love gave the call to prayer,
My heart responded:

I purified myself-I performed my wuzoo*
With the blood of my heart!

When the cry “God is great” inspired me
To merge in that great Lord,
I found my heart unwilling to turn back.

When I myself proclaimed Allah’s greatness,
I merged in him and thanked him
For relieving me of my long suffering.
(Wuzoo refers to the Muslim practise of cleaning oneself by washing on’es face, hands and feet with water before namaaz, the ritual prayer)


Aqal fikar dee jaa na kaaee,
Jit wahadat sirr subhaanee hoo.

Na uth mullaan pandit joshee,
Na uth ilm Quraanee hoo.

Jad Aihmad aihad wikhaalee dittaa,
Taan kul hove faanee hoo.

Ilm tamaam keetone haasil,
Thapp kitaab asmaanee hoo.

Intellect and wisdom find no foothold
Where the secrets of unity in God are revealed.

Priests are no help there
Nor is any knowledge of the scriptures.

You can only merge your self in the
Absolute When the Master reveals the divine secret.

You can only acquire ultimate knowledge of God
After you put away the scriptures.


Ilmon baajh je faqar kamaave,
Kaafir mare deewaanaa hoo.

Sai variaan dee kare ibaadat,
Allaah theen begaanaa hoo.

Ghaflat theen na khulsan parde,
Dil jaahil butkhaanaa hoo.

Main qurbaan tinhaan ton,
jinhaan Miliaa yaar yagaanaa hoo.

If you meditate on God without guidance,
You wll die faithless and lost.

Even if you worship like this for hundreds of years,
You would still be unfamiliar with God.

The veil will not be lifted without knowledge of the Way-
The heart will stay dark like a house of idols.

I sacrifice myself to anyone, O Bahu,
Who has found the Master without peer.

English translation:

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