Cold War


The Cold War documentary series was first broadcast in 1998 and released in VHS videocassette. After the September 11, 2001 attacks, the George W. Bush administration re-classified as “secret” many already declassified documents and much film – specifically documents and film that might compromise American military operations occurring in Afghanistan in November 2001.

Incidentally the month when Cold War officially went out of VHS print, with only few warehouse stock copies remaining for retail sale until the middle of 2002.

Episodes number 19, “Freeze”, and number 20, “Soldiers of God”, contain film evidence of the United States – per Cold War policy – giving the Afghan mujahideen weapons and military aid via the intermediary Pakistani ISI. The episodes feature mujahideen leaders and soldiers and Afghan citizens telling of life under Soviet occupation, and shows Muslim soldiers demonstrating how they fought and defeated the Soviet Army in the mountains and deserts of Afghanistan.

Episode 20, “Soldiers of God”, shows Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1980, giving a speech to the mullahs and mujahideen fighters between the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan encouraging the Muslim mujahideen fighters through his Pakistani translator saying “We know of their deep belief in God and we are confident that their struggle will succeed. That land over there is yours. You will go back to it one day, because your fight will prevail and you’ll have your homes and your mosques back again, because your cause is right and God is on your side.

While assuring them of unconditional American government support; and interviewed State Department officials confirming that the United States uncritically supported the Pakistani government for the sake of American interests in Afghanistan.


(24 episodes, each 45 minutes long)




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