Paoem by Habib Jalib


Deep jis ka sirf mehellaat hi main jalay,
Chand logon ki khushyon ko lay ker chalay,
Wo jo saye main har maslihat kay palay;
Aisay dastoor ko,
Subh e bay noor ko,
Main naheen maanta,
Main naheen jaanta.

The light which shines only in palaces
Burns up the joy of the people in the shadows
Derives its strength from others’ weakness
That kind of system,
like dawn without light
I refuse to acknowledge,
I refuse to accept

Main bhee kha’if naheen takhta e daar say,
Main bhee Mansoor hoon, keh do aghyaar say,
Kyun daraatay ho zindaan ki divar say,
Zulm ki baat ko,
Jehel ki raat ko,
Main naheen maanta,
Main naheen jaanta.

I am not afraid of execution,
Tell the world that I am the martyr
How can you frighten me with prison walls?
This overhanging doom,
this night of ignorance,
I refuse to acknowledge,
I refuse to accept

Phool shaakhon pay khilnay lagay tum kaho,
Jaam rindon ko milnay lagay tum kaho,
Chak seenon kay silnay lagay tum kaho,
Iss khulay jhoot ko,
Zehan ki loot ko,
Main naheen maanta,
Main naheen jaanta.

“Flowers are budding on branches”, that’s what you say,
“Every cup overflows”, that’s what you say,
“Wounds are healing themselves”, that’s what you say,
These bare-faces lies,
this insult to the intelligence,
I refuse to acknowledge,
I refuse to accept

Tum nay loota hai sadyon hamara sakoon,
Ab na hum per chalay ga tumhara fasoon,
Chara gar main tumhain kiss tara say kahoon?
Tum naheen charaagar,
Koi maanay magar,
Main naheen maanta,
Main naheen jaanta.

For centuries you have all stolen our peace of mind
But your power over us is coming to an end
Why do you pretend you can cure pain?
Even if some claim that you’ve healed them,
I refuse to acknowledge,
I refuse to accept.

Habib Jalib:

Shahbaz Shareef:

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Main Ne Us Say Yeh Kaha (Musheer)

Musheer (Advisor)

Poem by Habib Jalib



I said this to him

These hundred million

Are the epitome of ignorance

Their conscience has gone to sleep

Every ray of hope

Is lost in the darkness

This news is true

They are the living dead

Completely mindless

A disease of life

And you hold in your hands

The cure for their ills




You are the light of God

Wisdom and knowledge personified

The nation is with you

It is only through your grace

That the nation can be saved

You are the light of a new morning

After you there is only night

The few who speak out

Are all mischief makers

You should tear out their tongues

You should throttle their throats








Those proud of their eloquence

Their tongues are completely silent

There is calm in the land

There is an unexampled difference

Between yesterday and today

Only at their own expense

Are people in prison, under your rule








China is our friend

We’d give our lives for her

But the system that they have

Steer well clear of that

From far away say “salaam”

These hundred million asses

That are named the masses

Could surely never become rulers

You are the truth; they’re an illusion

My prayer is that

You remain President forever



Habib Jalib

Laal Band

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